Forensic Accident Investigation Services

forensic accident investigation australia

Proven Track Record in Reconstruction, Incident Investigation & Analysis

FAIS has a proven track record in providing reconstruction services to the insurance and legal industries across Australia and abroad. We also provide incident investigation and root cause analysis to City Councils, Highways Agencies and the Mining Industry.

Specialists in Forensic Reconstruction of Road Traffic Collisions & Incidents.

Located in Southeast Queensland, we offer a range of services from basic case file assessment and review to full reconstructions.

“Keen Eye for Detail, Scientific Integrity & Meticulous Methodology.”
road collision reconstruction specialist australia

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Mission Statement

Forensic Accident Investigation Services are committed to providing professional, impartial and objective forensic collision and incident reconstruction services.

Collision Analysis

collision reconstruction analysis reports
Detailed and impartial Collision Reconstruction and Report, provide objective and impartial expert testimony in any subsequent court or tribunal
Collision Analysis

Site Investigations

forensic incident site investigation
Site investigation requires searching for physical evidence and recording relative evidence. Tyre marks, road debris and road topography are assessed.
Site Investigations

Fraudulent Claims

fraudulent claims staged collisions
FAIS specialises in forensic investigations into fraudulent insurance claims, staged collisions are common and result in a significant cost the insurance industry.
Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Vehicle Inspections

forensic vehicle inspection
Vehicle inspections are vital in the investigation of traffic accidents. FAIS undertake thorough, professional forensic examinations of the vehicle/s involved.
Vehicle Inspections

Police Report Review

police report review
Our forensic accident experts can conduct a detailed and objective critique of police or other expert reports including assessment of the physical evidence.
Police & Expert Brief Review

Tyre Examinations

forensic tyre examination
Vehicle tyre examinations are vital in conducting a forensic accident investigation. To identify if the tyre condition is a factor in the collision.
Tyre Examinations

Vehicle Restraint Systems

vehicle restraint system examination specialist
Vehicle restraints include seatbelts and airbags, and investigating their involvement in an accident and whether the  occupants were using a seatbelt
Vehicle Restraint Systems

Hail Examinations

hail damage examinations australia
We complete a detailed vehicle inspection and report, assessing if hail damage is genuine or caused by the vehicles owner in attempt to claim insurance.
Hail Damage Examinations

Video Simulations

animated video collision simulations
FAIS provides detailed reconstructions of accidents using accurate scaled models, which are an excellent tool that can be used as vital evidence in court cases.
Video Simulation Example

Pedestrian Incidents

pedestrian related accidents
Pedestrian injuries and vehicle are assessed, pedestrian movement, driver’s accident viewpoint and the speed at which the accident occurred.
Pedestrian Related Accidents

Black Box Crash Data

vehicle crash data retrieval
FAIS retrieves Crash Data from a vehicles Black Box, even when majorly damaged. Downloading info such as vehicle speed, brake operation & accelerator.
Vehicle Crash Data