Collision Reconstruction & Analysis Reports

collision reconstruction analysis reports australia

Incident or Collision Investigation & Reporting

We will conduct a thorough investigation into your collision or incident and prepare a detailed reconstruction report:

  • Analysis of whether there were contributory factors caused by mechanical failure or lack of vehicle maintenance
  • Analysis of driver and witness evidence and where this is supported or refuted by the physical evidence
  • Description and analysis of the vehicle damage
  • Description and analysis of the incident scene
  • Detailed interpretation and analysis of recorded crash data downloaded from the vehicle(s)
  • Explanation of the physics involved in the collision in understandable language and mathematical reconstruction of the collision
  • Expert opinion into the causes and dynamics of the collision or incident
  • All reports prepared in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and Directions for Expert Witnesses, applicable in your State or Territory

If required, written preliminary advice can be provided.  This may suffice where only a case file review is required to determine if a full forensic investigation is worth pursuing.

australia collision reconstruction analysis reports

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Forensic Accident Investigation Services are committed to providing professional, impartial and objective forensic collision and incident reconstruction services.