Site Investigations

forensic incident site investigation australia

Incident Site Examination & Investigation

We will conduct an examination and investigation of the collision and incident location.

Evidence obtained includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification and collection of physical evidence
  • Assessment of road topography as a contributory factor
  • Determination of visibility and lines of sight
  • Examination of road surfaces
  • Examination of road markings and signage
  • Timing and measuring vehicle and pedestrian movement
  • Testing and timing of automated traffic signals
  • Evaluation of lighting
  • Examination of tyre marks, debris and other physical evidence
  • Damage to roadside property
  • Video recording of the site
  • Preparation of scaled diagrams

forensic accident site investigation australiaaccident forensic investigation australia

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Mission Statement

Forensic Accident Investigation Services are committed to providing professional, impartial and objective forensic collision and incident reconstruction services.