Pedestrian Related Incidents

pedestrian related incidents australia

Examinations of Pedestrian Collisions

Accurate measurement and mapping of vehicle contact damage and pedestrian injuries are used to reconstruct the dynamics of pedestrian collisions.  Damage analysis can be used to show information such as the direction the pedestrian was moving, and whether the pedestrian was walking or running.

In many situations, the impact speed can be calculated from the distance the pedestrian is thrown in the impact.

Examination of the pedestrian collision in relation to roadside topography and driver perception is used to provide evidence as to the drivers ability to observe and reasonably react to the pedestrians movement.

Key information includes:

  • Direction of movement of the pedestrian
  • Orientation of the pedestrian in relation to the vehicle
  • Whether the pedestrian was walking or running
  • Speed of the vehicle at impact
  • Examination of background topography and lighting to assess driver perception
  • Assessment of how long the driver would have had time to react

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