Forensic Accident Investigation Melbourne

forensic accident investigation melbourne

Melbourne Accident Investigations

Forensic Accident Investigation Services incorporates numerous fields of expertise, from Melbourne vehicle inspections, on-site investigation work and a review of police briefs and reports, through to pedestrian incidents, black box crash data, and fraudulent insurance claims.

Our research and preparation of comprehensive reports provides professional, impartial observation and understanding of Melbourne road accidents and damage that occurs in the state of Victoria.

Our range of services are used by the insurance and legal industry, and we also provide forensic accident investigation services to individuals, private companies and Victorian government departments.

We are specialist forensic road traffic accident investigators who cover both private and criminal cases, providing Expert Investigation and Reconstruction of Traffic and Industrial Accidents.

We provide accident investigation Victoria wide
Including Outer Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Mornington, Frankston, Dandenong, Bendigo & all other locations.

Collision Analysis

collision reconstruction analysis melbourne
FAIS will provide an expert, detailed and impartial Collision Reconstruction and Analysis Report for your Melbourne forensic investigation. The report will outline how the accident occurred, the likely cause, and analysis of driver and witness accounts versus physical damage. FAIS will provide objective and impartial expert testimony in any subsequent court or tribunal.
Collision Analysis

Site Investigations

forensic incident Melbourne site investigation
Conducting a Melbourne site investigation requires searching the site for physical evidence and recording any relative evidence. Site investigations identify the speed in which the vehicle was travelling, the road surface type, and any other evidence that may have been missed, tyre marks, road debris and road topography are assessed and recorded.
Site Investigations

Fraudulent Claims

Staged Collisions Melbourne Fraudulent Claims
FAIS specialises in forensic investigations into fraudulent insurance claims Melbourne and all over Victoria. Staged collisions are common and result in a significant cost the insurance industry. Our detailed methodology of fraudulent investigations includes downloading crash data, collision analysis, mechanical inspections, scene examination, and reviewing driver and witness statements.
Fraudulent Claims & Staged Collisions

Police & Expert Brief Review

expert brief review melbourne police review
Our forensic accident experts can conduct a detailed and objective critique of police or other expert reports including assessment of the physical evidence. In many cases, these reports are the basis of the evidence against the driver or other road users, whom may find themselves in disputed liability after a collision. Using a competent objective crash investigation expert such as FAIS can assist your client.
Police & Expert Brief Review

Vehicle Inspections

vehicle accident inspection melbourne
Vehicle inspections are vital in the investigation of a Melbourne traffic accident. FAIS undertake thorough, professional forensic examinations of the vehicle/s involved in the accident including the mechanical condition of the vehicle, the tyres, the vehicle interior and restraint systems, exterior forces and other physical evidence. A comparison between physical evidence from the vehicle inspection and scene inspections will be made to compare with driver accounts.
Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Vehicle Restraint System Inspection Melbourne Seat Belt
Vehicle restraints include airbags and seat belts, and investigating their involvement in an accident is crucial. Victorian injury claims caused by vehicle restraint systems can be confirmed of refuted with a thorough inspection, which also includes whether the vehicle occupants were using a seat belt or not.
Vehicle Restraint Systems

Tyre Examinations

forensic tyre examinations melbourne
Vehicle tyre examinations are vital in conducting a forensic accident investigation. Identifying if the condition of the tyres is a causation factor in the collision, or wear and tear of tyres can be used to evaluate other mechanical issues the vehicle may have. In all cases, conclusions are drawn as to whether and to what extent, tyre failure or defects were contributory factors in the accident.
Tyre Examinations

Pedestrian Related Incidents

pedestrian involved collision melbourne
Pedestrian collisions are a common occurrence, and FAIS can conduct a thorough investigation. We examine the direction and movement of the pedestrian, the driver’s viewpoint and perception of the accident, and the speed at which the accident occurred. Vehicle and pedestrian injuries are assessed, as well as the environment in which the accident took place.
Pedestrian Collisions & Related Incidents

Black Box Crash Data

vehicle black box crash data retrieval melbourne
We can be retrieve Crash Data from the vehicles Black Box, even if the vehicle has been extensively damaged. Black Boxes are mostly installed in newer vehicles, however if you are unsure as to whether your vehicle is equipped with one, we can investigate this for you. FAIS has the software to download the information, which includes the vehicle speed at and prior to collision, and the operation of the brakes and accelerator.
Vehicle Crash Data

Video Simulations

dynamic animated collision simulations melbourne
FAIS provides detailed reconstructions of accidents using accurate scaled models, which are an excellent tool that can be used as vital evidence in court cases. A detailed animated video simulation will show the vehicle collision from any viewing position, even inside the vehicles to show the driver’s eye view of the crash.
Video Simulation Example

Hail Examinations

fraudulent hail damage claims melbourne
Insurance companies are often defrauded by false claims of hail damage. FAIS have a proven track record in identifying insurance fraud in relation to Melbourne hail damage claims. We will complete a detailed vehicle inspection and report, assessing if the hail damage is genuine, or has been caused by the vehicles owner attempting to claim insurance.
Fraudulent Hail Damage Examinations

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