Tyre Examinations

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Examination of Tyres

A detailed examination of the vehicle tyres is a vital element to any reconstruction process.

accident tyre examinationThe examination will identify defects and excessive or eccentric tread wear. Eccentric wear to the tread can be used to identify pre-existing defects to components such as brakes, suspension and chassis.

In cases of rapid tyre deflation, forensic inspection by a trained examiner as a part of the reconstruction will allow an assessment to be made as to whether rapid deflation occurred prior to, or as a consequence of the accident.

In all cases, conclusions are drawn as to whether and to what extent, tyre defects or failure were contributory factors in the accident.

Key Advantages Include:

  • Identification of contributory tyre defects
  • Identification of pre-existing mechanical defects causing eccentric tyre wear
  • Conclusions to be drawn as to whether rapid tyre deflation was a cause or consequence of the collision

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