Vehicle Inspections

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Forensic Vehicle Examination

A detailed forensic examination of the vehicle(s) is a key element in the reconstruction process.

The examination includes assessment of the damage profiles, the condition of the tyres and a mechanical examination of the vehicle.

The interior of the vehicle is inspected to identify:

  • Use of seat belts, deployment of restraint systems
  • Evidence to correctly position occupants in the vehicle
  • Evidence of contact areas inside the cabin to assess occupant injury mechanisms

Key benefits of vehicle inspections include:

  • Assessment of the mechanical condition of the vehicle and the extent to which any defects may have contributed to the collision
  • Identification of the Principal Direction of Forces involved in the collision using crush analysis
  • Measurement of damage to reconstruct the interaction between the vehicles and their directions of travel
  • Comparisons between the physical evidence and the drivers account of the collision
  • Accurate damage assessment in the cases of fraudulent insurance claims

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