“Black Box” Crash Data

black box crash data retrieval australia

Analyse Recorded Vehicle Crash Data

Increasingly, one of the most important tools available to the Forensic Collision Investigator is Recorded Crash Data.  FAIS uses the most up to date software to download and analyse crash data recorded by modern motor vehicles.

Crash Data shows information including:

  • Vehicle speed at and prior to collision
  • Operation of the brakes and accelerator
  • Engine speeds
  • Direction and degree of steering input
  • Use of seatbelts and deployment of airbags and belt tensioners
  • Longitudinal and lateral velocity changes recorded in the collision

black box crash data retrieval australiaData is downloaded through the vehicles own diagnostic link connected or directly from the Airbag Control Module.  Crash Data can frequently still be recovered from the most seriously damaged vehicles.

At present, coverage of Crash Data recovery from vehicles in the Australian market is extensive but, as yet, incomplete.  FAIS invite you to contact us to see if Crash Data can be recovered from the vehicle involved in your collision.

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